Monday, April 14, 2014

What are the Chances of Winning?

What are the chances of winning?

Obviously, this depends upon your medical conditions.

There are three levels in the application process. 1) The Initial Application; if that is denied; 2) An appeal called "Reconsideration;" if that is denied, 3) an appeal to an Administrative Law Judge. (There are appeals after that – but, it’s too complicated for this discussion.)

At the Initial Application Level, the approval rate in 2010 was 35%. Remember that this 35% includes people who have terminal illnesses; organ transplants; have lost limbs and are blind. The statistics for a "typical case" (low back problems; purely mental illnesses; cancer in remission etc.) are unknown. I’d guess 10 – 15%, but that’s just a guess.

At the next stage, Reconsideration, only 10% of the people who did appeal were approved. Remember here, that many people just give up after the first denial – particularly if they’ve tried to do it themselves. They are either too tired to go on, or they figure that the "government knows what it’s doing" and wouldn’t deny a good claim.

At the Administrative Law Judge Stage, about 70% of those who appeal go on to have their claims approved – this varies greatly region to region. One third to one half of that 70% are not represented.

You can find out about your region, and specific judges at the Social Security Official Website:

As a general rule, the younger you are, the less likely your chances of winning.

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